The Original Fanfic? Reading Wide Sargasso Sea – Jean Rhys

Antoinette really is the girl he told you not to worry about. *WARNING* this review will 100% spoil the entire plot of Jane Eyre for you so stop reading right this second if you don’t want to ruin it for yourself xx Charlotte Bronte’s ‘mad woman in the attic’ is a gothic plot device noContinue reading “The Original Fanfic? Reading Wide Sargasso Sea – Jean Rhys”

Girl, Woman, Other – Bernardine Evaristo

No-one sums up Bernardine Evaristo’s novel quite like the author herself: ‘this is about being together’ It’s my first five-star review! I would like to begin by requesting that if you have not yet read this book, please go and put it on your list right now. Please. Bernadine Evaristo’s Girl, Woman, Other is theContinue reading “Girl, Woman, Other – Bernardine Evaristo”