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Quarantine Book-et List

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The Book Club 2021

The Book Club is back for 2021 and we’re beginning this year’s reading journey in February, which is LGBT+ History Month. To celebrate, we’ve got a slightly bigger selection of beautiful works by some of the greatest authors of the last century, from groundbreaking classics to informative new fiction. As always, I’ll put a pollContinue reading “The Book Club 2021”

Winter Books

Cosy, snuggly, hygge (pronounced hoo-gah, or so google tells me – think candles, IKEA showrooms and aesthetic knitwear found on Pinterest). Whatever you want to call it, I love this aesthetic and it’s certainly the mood we need for this January. For the purposes of this blog, it’s a literary genre too. How satisfying isContinue reading “Winter Books”

2020 Round Up

I have never in my life been so ready for NYE. That’s not because I’m going to a fun house party wearing a sparkly outfit and drinking gin with my friends (looks like Tier 4 Me will be doing the exact opposite), but because it means we can finally kiss goodbye to what is objectivelyContinue reading “2020 Round Up”

Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Look at us. Who would have thought that, by Christmas, Bristol would be in Tier 3, we’d still be unable to see friends and Wales would have gotten way too into the spirit of the roaring 20s with nationwide prohibition? Not me! But, as we know from all of the corporate Christmas adverts on tellyContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide 2020”

You are my Beloved. You are mine. You are mine. – Reading Beloved by Toni Morrison

Spellbinding, heartbreaking, terrifying. Morrison’s masterpiece will literally leave you speechless. Ahh I haven’t written a blog post in a very, very long time so forgive me if my writing is a bit rusty. To be fair, I’m sure anyone trying to write about Toni Morrison’s Beloved (1987) has a hard time putting this novel intoContinue reading “You are my Beloved. You are mine. You are mine. – Reading Beloved by Toni Morrison”

Halloween BooOOok Club

Our book club pick for Halloween is Angela Carter’s horror-filled collection of short stories, The Bloody Chamber. What an incredible choice, once again. We truly are on fire with the book club picks. I am super excited to read The Bloody Chamber, it’s hailed as one of the 20th Century’s greatest collections of short storiesContinue reading “Halloween BooOOok Club”

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