Halloween BooOOok Club

Our book club pick for Halloween is Angela Carter’s horror-filled collection of short stories, The Bloody Chamber.

What an incredible choice, once again. We truly are on fire with the book club picks.

I am super excited to read The Bloody Chamber, it’s hailed as one of the 20th Century’s greatest collections of short stories and its supposedly super spooky.

Our discussion will probably take place mid-November – as always, there is room for manoeuvre in terms of dates/times for discussion. Let me know when is best!

After The Bloody Chamber, our next book club will potentially be extended over the Christmas period. (This is such a busy time of year, it doesn’t seem realistic to try and fit a book in between mid Nov. and Christmas.)

If anyone has any suggestions/ideas of books you’d like to read next, I am (regrettably) always on my phone so if you message me, you best believe you’ll get an instant reply.

Happy Halloween and spooky reading to all!

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