Book Club Round 4 – People’s Choice

Novels, meet random word generator.

(I definitely didn’t run out of ideas for September, I swear)

So the book club is back after, let’s be honest, the complete failure that was One Hundred Years of Solitude! Understandably, the majority of our members (myself very much included) struggled with last month’s entry. Thoughts and questions about it are on their way, but I think we were pretty surprised by just how dense and tricky to follow it was given the novel’s huge popularity. But, of course, we move.

This month we went for something a little different and chucked a load of different book suggestions in a random word generator. We had everything from fantasy, to sci-fi, to horror, but there could only be one winner…

Swimming in the Dark – Tomasz Jedrowski

Shortlisted for the Guardian Book of the year is Tomasz Jedrowski’s masterpiece;

Poland, 1980. Anxious, disillusioned Ludwik Glowacki, soon to graduate university, has been sent along with the rest of his class to an agricultural camp. Here he meets Janusz – and together, they spend a dreamlike summer swimming in secluded lakes, reading forbidden books – and falling in love. But with summer over, the two are sent back to Warsaw, and to the harsh realities of life under the Party. Exiled from paradise, Ludwik and Janusz must decide how they will survive; and in their different choices, find themselves torn apart. Swimming in the Dark is an unforgettable debut about youth, love, and loss – and the sacrifices we make to live lives with meaning.” (Bloomsbury)

Having got through the first chapter this morning, I’m super excited to read this over the next few days! Our discussion will be scheduled for mid-October, just in time for some spooky reads for Halloween.

Happy reading everyone!

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